Demo 2016

by Strappado

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released December 13, 2016

Recorded and Mixed by Josh Rodriguez at Rock House
Vocals: Michael Ferrara
Guitar: Dan Madsen
Bass/Vocals: Miles Pucarelli



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Strappado New York

Political D beat/power violence/grind band from Poughkeepsie, NY. Including ex members of Coldbringer, One Last Sin, Rising Up/Rising Down.

Michael Ferrara-Vocals
Dan Madsen-Guitar
Miles Pucarelli-Bass/Vocals
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Track Name: Drone Queen
Now the computers and death screens
Display the carnage
That replaces valor
With aggressiveness.
An army of remote controlled death machines and misery.
Unfix your bayonets, because this war has shifted.
No sacrifice now, except for the victims.
The drone queen hides.
And you wonder how, this shit storm started?
And you wonder why, our throats were slit?
It’s not a mystery when our lives
Become commodity for a hungry beast.
Track Name: Deprived/Depraved
God has no cure.
Illness is seen as a weakness to the sound of mind.
Pills pressed on the depressed and the hopeless in white walls confined.
Stigmatized, Victimized, Chirstianized, Lo…
Botomized, traumatized, tranquilized, dead.
Pious pseudoscience made to silence the perceived sin.
Skulls bled from the drilled heads left brain dead with sewn up skin.
Afflicted, evicted, addicted then…
Convicted, committed by wicked men.
God has no cure.
Forced to live through constant torture.
God has no cure.
Track Name: Dental Work
What is your goal?
Is it to destroy, or is it to take hold
And silence voices that oppose your own?
Is that why your breath reeks of the stench of rotten words
Stuck in between your teeth?
Your dominance and your rhetoric
Are decaying your mouth from the inside out,
A case of bad moral hygiene.
Track Name: Halfway to Shitsville
Revising a history that we’d rather forget.
Abusing words that escape your lips.
A one sided dialogue, that shoots from the hip.
We get what we deserve, and you get shit.
The roads are all paved with layers of deceit,
And lined with cowards scared to admit their defeat.
Your time has come.
The vultures leading the herds to their own demise,
While killing their children and gouging out their eyes.
This is your fate.
Victory march into the arms of the raptors.